The View Downplays Biden's Recession, Climate 'More Important' Than Your Pain

Nicholas Fondacaro | July 28, 2022
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Despite the spin from the White House and their allies in the liberal media, the Biden Recession is here and we’re living through it. But according to the cast of ABC’s The View on Thursday, only “some say we are officially in a recession” and climate change is “more important” than the financial pain and struggles of average Americans.

While the rest of the cast was praising the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act,” which introduces billions in spending that will likely increase inflation, sell-proclaimed Republican Alyssa Farah Griffin dared to bring up the news that we’ve seen the second quarter of negative economic growth.

“Brian Deese, the head of the National Economic Council in the Biden White House defined a recession as two straight quarters of economic decline,” she noted. Adding that, “They're not calling it that.” And as she began to cast doubt on the effectiveness of the Inflation Reduction Act, co-host Sunny Hostin interrupted to praise Democrats for the “great messaging” with the name of the bill.


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