The View: Don Lemon Can't Be a 'Misogynist,' 'He Loves His Mom!'

Nicholas Fondacaro | April 25, 2023
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The Tuesday after the ladies of The View celebrated Tucker Carlson leaving Fox News, the ABC hosts vigorously defended ousted CNN anchor Don Lemon, who was reportedly fired for his treatment of female co-works and deplorable on-air behavior and comments. Lemon’s friends leapt to his defense by arguing it couldn’t be true because “he loves his mom” and loves them.

“CNN also announced they’re parting ways with one of their biggest on-air male personalities: Don Lemon. Now, there's speculation that the longstanding rumors of him creating a toxic work environment, especially for some of the female co-workers,” moderator Whoopi Goldberg announced with an air of skepticism.

Staunchly racist co-host Sunny Hostin, who admitted Lemon has been “friend for 20 years,” immediately rushed to defend him. According to her, Lemon couldn’t treat his female co-workers badly because “he loves his mom” and members of the cast.


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