The View Dings Conservatives for Book Banned By Leftists Schools

Nicholas Fondacaro | March 17, 2023
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Never let the facts get in the way of the narrative. That was the lesson of Friday’s edition of “Joy’s Banned Book Club” on ABC’s The View. This edition featured Harper Lee’s classic To Kill a Mocking Bird, a book that has been removed from required reading lists by liberal school districts because of its use of racial slurs and a “white savior.” But that didn’t bar it from inclusion in a segment designed to go after conservative leaders like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) despite books still being available for purchase.

This “banned book club” was the “brainchild” of co-host Joy Behar as the cackling coven ripped into conservatives like DeSantis with false claims of “erasing history” (particularly black history) and banning the alphabet.

Suggesting the book addressed modern conservatives (and not the racist Democrats it does), Behar opined about the themes of To Kill a Mocking Bird were as “timely-as-ever” since they’re about “racial inequality and the loss of innocence.”


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