'The View' on the Depp-Heard Trial: It's Taking Viewers Away From The January 6 Trials!

Margaret Buckley | June 2, 2022
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Now that the defamation trial between actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has concluded, a lot of people have their own opinions on the final verdict. The celebrity trial received a ton of attention from the public, and it is clear that not everyone is happy about that. This also includes Whoopi Goldberg and her fellow The View hosts, and it is for one of the most outrageous and unnecessary of reasons.

“So, is it just that people now have to find something else to do because now you know they’re not going to pay the same attention to the January 6 committee, you know people aren’t going to be all into that,” complained Goldberg, asking those around her “is it why people are asking of these questions?”

Long-time host Joy Behar admitted that she “did not watch this at all”, but still decided to take a swipe at Depp by noting: “Donald Jr. and Megyn Kelly and a few others think that Johnny Depp was right, so take what you can from that.”

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