The View: Dems 'Don't Control' Corps, GOP 'Screwed Up Economy'

Nicholas Fondacaro | October 20, 2022
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***The complete post is on NewsBusters***

On Thursday, the cast of The View rhetorically flipped off ABC’s Standards and Practices division as they took a trip to fantasyland and spewed a whole bunch of disinformation about the economy and who’s responsible for the bad shape it’s in. Between Joy Behar claiming Republicans screwed up the economy and Sunny Hostin ludicrously asserting no Democrats lead corporations, the truth was brutally murdered on the stage.

The conversation was sparked by Whoopi Goldberg’s obsession with the false claims of Democratic Congresswoman Katie Porter (CA) about oil companies price gouging, despite the fact the Federal Trade Commission has come up empty. And according to Goldberg, the Democrats are not having a messaging problem but rather, “the media is not reporting any of this.”

“I don't understand why we have to say, lower the gas prices. You didn't have to raise them. You were making -- what the hell?!” she screamed. “Blame the media. Blame the media,” Joy Behar encouraged her.

Behar then went on a hate-fueled, fact-free screed against Republicans. “The Republicans historically have screwed up the economy. This is some kind of a myth that Republicans are better at the economy,” she whined. Without evidence, she claimed 13 of America’s last 17 recessions have been triggered by Republicans.


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