The View Claims Rubio Is a Race-Traitor for 'No' Vote on Jackson

Nicholas Fondacaro | April 11, 2022
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The Monday after the confirmation of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court, the cackling coven of ABC’s The View kicked off the show by boasting about it. But co-host and NeverTrump Republican Ana Navarro lashed out at Florida’s (her home state) Republican senators for not supporting Jackson’s nomination. And she targeted Senator Marco Rubio specifically with a thinly veiled accusation that he was a race traitor who forgot his parents’ struggles.

Navarro’s disgusting suggestion came at the end of the segment as they were talking about how different communities celebrate when one of their own scores a big achievement. “I remember the Italian community even with Scalia. It was like, ‘oh,’ it's exciting for the group,” Joy Behar noted.

“You remember what it was like for Italian immigrants. It's hard. It's a moment of accomplishment for an entire community,” Navarro added.

Using that point as a springboard, Navarro launched into the suggestion that Rubio had forgotten the hardships of Cuban immigrants, particularly his parents, when they came to America. “Listen, when Marco Rubio's parents got to Florida, it used to say ‘no blacks, no dogs, no Cubans.’ I'm so sorry he seems to have forgotten that,” she sneered.