Venom: MSNBC Opens with Disdain for RNC, Fearing Trumps Are a ‘Monarchy’

Curtis Houck | August 24, 2020
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Making clear that they would be spewing endless venom toward the people House Speaker Nancy Pelsoi deemed “enemies of the state,” MSNBC opened its Monday coverage of the RNC with disdain, fear, and somberness. Worst of all, co-host Joy Reid feared that the RNC was a sign the Trumps believe they are America’s true monarchy and the President will follow in the footsteps of Russian President Vladimir Putin in staying in office 12 more years.

“Tonight is night one of what is not actually, technically the Republican National Convention. The Republican Party and the White House had a number of false starts in planning for this convention,” co-host Rachel Maddow began, setting the tone before going through attempts to host a traditional RNC (or as close as they could make it) in Charlotte and Jacksonville.