Van Jones: Obama Approving The XL Pipeline Would Be Like 'Lighting The Fuse On A Carbon Bomb'

Corwin Parks | February 17, 2013
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MRCTV's Joe Schoffstall caught up with former Green Jobs Advisor to Pres. Obama, Van Jones, at the "Forward On Climate Rally" at the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

Jones stated he was there to make sure the president doesn't "make the worst mistake he could possibly make" by approving the "horrible" Keystone XL pipeline which would be "like lighting the fuse on a carbon bomb."

He added that the Republicans have "divorced themselves from reality."

Partial transcript:

"I'm here to make sure the President of the United States doesn't make the worst mistake he could possibly make, which is to approve this horrible pipeline which would be, like I said on stage, like lighting the fuse on a carbon bomb. We've got to leave the tar sands in the ground, the only way it can get out would be to come down through America. The Canadians don't want it to come across their land, it shouldn't come across ours and we've got to be out here and fight for that."

Jones goes on to say, "The Republicans do not believe in science, they do not believe that- ultimately what I think it comes down to is- can you hear? Is this okay?- ultimately I think the Republican party has a problem and it's divorced itself from reality. Its economic theory has nothing to do with reality, it's understanding of how the climate system works has nothing to do with science, and they're willing to take the biggest gamble ever."