Using MRC Study, FNC’s ‘Outnumbered’ Obliterates Media’s Trump Bias, Clinton Collusion


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<p>One of the many news outlets to cite the now-viral study by my colleague Rich Noyes about the massive slant in anti-Donald Trump network coverage was Wednesday&rsquo;s <em>Outnumbered</em> on the Fox News Channel (FNC) and the assembled panel used it as a launching point to excoriate the double standard in propelling Trump to the nomination but now turning on him.</p>

<p>Co-host Sandra Smith began the segment with a gracious and thorough explanation of the study as proof that <strong>&ldquo;Donald Trump may have a point when he says the liberal media is ganging up on him&rdquo;</strong> as he&rsquo;s been<strong> &ldquo;the subject of way more negative news coverage that Hillary Clinton according to a new study.&rdquo;&nbsp;</strong></p>

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