USA Today Journo: Unfair 'Decent Human Being' Biden's Allegations Hurt Him More Than Trump's

Alex Christy | May 2, 2020
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[See NewsBusters for more.] Susan Page of USA Today joined The 11th Hour host Brian Williams Friday night to discuss the allegations of sexual harassment and assault surrounding Joe Biden and argued that it is unfair that Biden is hurt more by such allegations than President Trump because, unlike Trump, Biden is running as a nice guy who cares.

After playing a clip of Trump on The Dan Bongino Show, where Trump denied allegations against him and said he does not even know some of the women, Williams told Page, "he went on to say the most interesting thing, which was almost to express -- to sympathize with Joe Biden, though I find it notable that both of you contend this may not do it, this may not end it."

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