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Upset at GOP Guest, Stephanopoulos Sends Microphone Flying


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Things got heated on the set of ABC’s This Week on Sunday when Matt Schlapp of the American Conservative Union (and the lone conservative on the panel) clashed with liberal ABC commentator Roland Martin during the Powerhouse Roundtable. And after hearing Schlapp’s opinion about the plethora of investigations into President Trump, host and Clinton lackey George Stephanopoulos was so upset he accidentally flung his microphone under the desk.

In the lead up to Stephanopoulos’s microphone mishap, an angry Martin unloaded on the President by comparing him to murderous mob boss John Gotti. “But George, the biggest issue for Mulvaney and for his party: you have a liar in the Oval Office,” Martin began. “I'm laughing this week at them attacking Cohen, saying, ‘Oh my God, he's a liar.’ It's sort of like John Gotti saying, ‘Oh my God, you can't believe Sammy the Bull because believe me.’

No, both of you are murderers. So, Donald Trump has been a lying president. And that is what he is,” he added. It was Schlapp’s response to Martin that set Stephanopoulos off.

Trying to be more even-keeled than his fellow panelist, Schlapp noted that he understood “people want to get right to every aspect of Donald Trump.” “But it's important to remember,” he added. “[A]nd I think it came out in your interview [with Michael Cohen] – that all of these – all these investigations are offshoots over this question about whether or not the President did something wrong with colluding with Putin.”


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