Unscientific Nonsense: CNN's Brennan Fearmongers about the Big Ten Playing Football

Duncan Schroeder | September 20, 2020
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On Thursday afternoon’s CNN Newsroom, host John King conspired with sports analyst Christine Brennan to politicize and fearmonger about the Big Ten announcing that it is playing football this fall. Brennan, resembling a Democratic operative more than a sports journalist, accused President Trump of pushing the Big Ten presidents into “steering their student athletes right into the teeth of COVID and the flu in October and November” in order to gain votes in “Michigan or Ohio or Wisconsin or Pennsylvania.”

Read the full article on Newsbusters: https://newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/duncan-schroeder/2020/09/20/unscientific-nonsense-cnns-brennan-fearmongers-about-big-ten

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