UNLIMITED POWER: MSNBC Frets Over Trump as Now the Most 'Powerful' President Ever

Scott Whitlock | February 3, 2020
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[See NewsBusters for more.] As impeachment and the Iowa caucus converge, some of the hosts on MSNBC are panicking that Bernie Sanders would lose to Donald Trump. This fear prompted a historically bizarre rant from MSNBC analyst Steve Schmidt on Monday over how the “sociopath” Donald Trump would beat Bernie Sanders. He also insisted that Trump is now the most “powerful” president ever, beating out FDR and Lincoln. Talking to Nicolle Wallace, a liberal network host, Schmidt warned of the unlimited power the soon-to-be acquitted Trump now holds: “At the aftermath of this when he is acquitted, there will never, ever have been an American president with the power that Donald Trump posses right now in this moment. Not FDR in the Second World War. Not Lincoln in the Civil War. No president is as powerful as Donald John Trump in this hour to see his acquittal play out.”

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