Univision's Facebook Watch Partnership Pushes Abortion Agenda

MRC Latino | August 20, 2019
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EULIMAR NUÑEZ, JOURNALIST, UNIVISION DIGITAL: We are at Reproductive Health Services, the only clinic that provides abortion services in Montgomery, Alabama. There used to be three and now this is the only one left. 


TRAVIS JACKSON, CLINIC ESCORT: So much has changed within the three years from the time I first put that vest on- a lot has changed. One of the things I realize that has changed is the protesters’ outrage... 


UNKNOWN PRO-LIFE PROTESTER: (...) this morning, please… I want you to know we’re Christians here, we love you, we wanna help. I promise you ma’am, If you let us talk with you…


JACKSON: They would yell obscenities at women, such as telling them that...you know...God would have the last say-so- you don’t have the last say-so over your body...

UNKNOWN PRO-LIFE PROTESTER: I promise you ma’am, If you let us talk with you…we’ll help you, and this baby can live. Your baby deserves to live.


EULIMAR NUÑEZ, JOURNALIST, UNIVISION DIGITAL: Even though abortion is still legal in all 50 states women who come here to receive the service still feel like they’re doing something illegal.


UNKNOWN PRO-LIFE PROTESTER: They’re about to rip this baby into shreds...


NUÑEZ: Just coming out from my car I needed escorts to guide me because they started yelling things at me, the protesters that were outside. It makes you feel like you’re doing something illegal even though it's not that yet. But the restrictions and the protesters and the things that they scream at you make you feel that way. 


JACKSON: “It’s better for you just to be in the kitchen”, and other things to degrade women...I understood that that was just a way that the protesters thought, and they also think that they’re doing the will of God by harassing/stalking women. Which we all know that Jesus would disapprove of that. 

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