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Univision Treats Border Security Advocate with Contempt


<p><strong>English Transcript:</strong><br />
&quot;Look what happened: Republican candidate Barbara Comstock tossed out a phrase that let&rsquo;s say wasn&rsquo;t very wise during a debate for Virginia&rsquo;s 10th congressional district seat. Comstock compared immigrants to Fed Ex shipping packages. She said if FedEx can track packages that arrive to the United States, the Federal Government should also be able to track undocumented persons who enter the country illegally.&quot;</p>


<p><strong>Spanish Transcript:</strong></p>

<p>&quot;Mira lo que pas&oacute;: la candidatura republicana barbara comstock solt&oacute; una frase que digamos no ha sido muy atinada durante un debate por el distrito 10 de Virginia, Comstock compar&oacute; a los inmigrantes con los paquetes que distribuye la empresa de env&iacute;o FedEx. Dijo que si FedEx puede rastrear paquetes que llegan a los estados unidos, el gobierno tambi&eacute;n deber&iacute;a poder rastrear a los indocumentados que entran ilegalmente&quot;.&nbsp;</p>

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