Univision Pushes Commodification of Tragedy In Puerto Rico

MRC Latino | February 6, 2018
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LOURDES DEL RIO, UNIVISION CORRESPONDENT: Maritza Sanz has been in contact with recently arrived Puerto Ricans from Day One.

MARITZA SANZ, LATINO LEADERSHIP: The first thing they'll tell you sometimes is when they talk about the humiliation that they felt. "You know, we're humiliated because of how this President treated us. Now we'll be able to tell him how we felt when he threw the paper towels at us."

LOURDES DEL RIO, UNIVISION CORRESPONDENT: The process for activating these Puerto Ricans so that they register and vote will be long and tedious. But when it bears fruit, there no one will doubt the creation of a political force that will be difficult to ignore. In Orlando, Florida: Lourdes Del Rio, Univision.

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