Univision Journalist DESTROYS Biden Over Inflation

MRC Latino | May 11, 2022
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LUIS CARLOS VELEZ: And the last word. President Biden. Please. Stop the blame game and face the inflation problem in this country. People just can't take it anymore. Your words today just flabbergasted us all, OK? They weren't just a washing of the hands in the face of a very difficult price situation but were also a shameless opportunity to attack Republicans. Solving this, Mr. President, does not correspond to your opponents. It does not correspond to the Federal Reserve; it does not correspond to businesses. It corresponds to you. You got yourself elected. You should lead, in order to provide solutions and persuade along with those with whom you must govern. This is the situation- the worst inflationary situation in 40 years. FORTY. It's time to blame the moon, the stars, the sun. Clearly. The worst part of Covid was two years ago. And we were already recovering economically when you arrived. It was the administration's fault for handing out stimulus packages when people no longer needed them. And it is your fault that to this day we have not set in motion a plan to solve the supply chain problem. How much longer, Mr. President? People don't eat off of politics. People eat off of wages, jobs, and opportunities. The responsibility to do something falls solely upon you, Mr. President.