Univision Finally Mentions Hillary's Emails...While Covering Ivanka

MRC Latino | November 25, 2018
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ENRIQUE ACEVEDO, HOST, AL PUNTO: Another important investigation concerning the campaign. And it is that of Hillary Clinton’s emails, a central issue for Republicans in the presidential campaign, and still is, in many conservative spaces. This week it became known that Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter, used a personal email for official matters. Adolfo, isn’t that a contradiction? Is there not a response from the Republican Party similar to what we saw for months in the case of the former Secretary of State?

ADOLFO FRANCO, REPUBLICAN ANALYST: Well, let’s see first whether these are classified communications in the first place, which was a main point regarding Hillary Clinton- that she was using an email, sending emails or messages with matters that we know were classified, or secret in a manner of speaking. I...but we don’t know the facts in this case. What the president has clearly said is that Ivanka will speak and address the situation. It isn’t about using...or not using a private email. It is about whether the things that were communicated were sensitive matters that need to be protected.

JORGE SILVA, VP OF COMMUNICATIONS, LATINO VICTORY FUND: Let’s recall that (at issue) during the campaign it was the fact of using a personal email.

FRANCO: And deleting them.

SILVA: And Hillary Clinton was criticized.

FRANCO: And deleting them.

SILVA: Using these emails…

FRANCO. No. Deleting them.

SILVA: The email...using personal email…


SILVA: What we now see is the hypocrisy…


SILVA: Of President Trump, the hypocrisy of the Republicans...

FRANCO: No, not at all…

SILVA...that they aren’t talking about Ivanka’s emails. We know that she had communications regarding the schedule, regarding events where the president would be present. That’s sensitive!

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