Univision Does Damage Control For Biden



ILIA CALDERON: The Biden campaign is precisely under fire with regard to the Hispanic vote, as Andrea León reports.

ANDREA LEON: With the presidential election less than one hundred days away, the Biden campaign faces a setback in Florida- one of the states that are crucial towards winning the White House. 90 Democratic field organizers have denounced that the campaign is suppressing the Hispanic vote in the central part of the state. In a letter addressed to party leadership, they said that some of them were relocated with no explanation. Other organizers were initially accepted, but were then left in limbo. Additionally, they said that the resources deployed to that region are insufficient- which would affect the electoral landscape in a state without a clear political inclination.

SERGIO GARCIA RIOS, UNIVISION HEAD OF POLLING: But we must remember that in the past election, Trump won this state by 1%. Which is to say, a few votes made the difference. So each vote is going to count and each detail must be taken care of.

LEON: This impasse happens at a time when polling suggests that Biden would have greater acceptance from Hispanics in and out of Florida. According to Latino Decisions, 60% of Hispanics nationwide would vote for Biden and only 25% would do so for Trump. In Florida, Biden leads (among Hispanics) preference with 57%, against 31% for Trump. 

GARCIA RIOS: Latinos tend to be far more concerned about specific proposals, on the campaign’s plans, and on the way in which these plans will affect their daily lives once one of the two candidates is elected president. 

LEON: Joe Biden’s campaign replied in a statement that they are fighting for every vote in Florida and making the necessary investments in order to win the Latino vote. “In the past months, we’ve engaged Hispanic voters and organized virtual events throughout the state. We have an experienced and diverse leadership team in Florida, and we’ve launched a series of ads that reflect the diversity of the Hispanic community.” Political analysts say that both candidates should focus on the Latino vote because while it is true that this situation doesn’t help Joe Biden, Trump’s rhetoric about immigrants doesn’t help the president either. Back to you, Jorge.

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