Univision Correspondent: The White House KNEW About 'Maria Fernanda'

MRC Latino | June 10, 2021
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PAULINA SODI: By the way- at Vice President Kamala Harris' most recent press conference, a woman passed herself off as a Univision reporter in order to ask (Harris) a question, and also flatter her. Jésica Zermeño was there, and tells us what happened. 

JÉSICA ZERMEÑO: Thank you, Paulina. It seems that what happened was clearly a mix-up. María Fernanda Reyes is part of the Latino entrepreneurship program at Stanford University. We interviewed her several hours prior for our story on Noticiero Univision regarding the vice president’s visit to this country. We then sat together at the press conference. Harris’ communications team approached us both, we signed up in order to ask the vice president a question at this press conference, and then what happened, happened.


SYMONE SANDERS: Our next question will come from Maria Fernanda. At Univision.

ZERMEÑO: She was introduced as part of Univision when in fact she is not. And we immediately made that known to the vice president’s press team. As soon as the press conference ended, we both approached them and told them that there was a mix-up. They offered us to make a change on the transcript of this press conference (regarding) the name, and to clarify what had happened. Obviously, they apologized and it all ended up being a mix-up which seems to have happened when the question-and-answer list was drafted. But it is necessary to clarify that it is (factually) incorrect that Maria Fernanda Reyes is a part of Univision, and we conveyed that to the vice president's team.

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