Univision Confirms: Kids Have Become 'Ticket' to Enter U.S.

MRC Latino | April 2, 2019
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JORGE RAMOS, ANCHOR, UNIVISIÓN: The rumor spread in Central America is that the possibility of attaining asylum increases if an immigrant is traveling with a minor. That is why we see large amounts of whole families or, for example, a father with a child crossing the border. Pedro Ultreras saw it.

PEDRO ULTRERAS, CORRESPONDENT, UNIVISIÓN: Migrant children of caravans or any Central American minor reaching the northern border accompanying their parents have become a kind of visa to enter United States.

IRIS OREIDA MURILLO, HONDURAN IMMIGRANT: with children, you can have a free pass, they say

ULTRERAS: That´s what is heard…

MURILLO: That is what is heard here in Honduras, yes

ULTRERAS: In Central America the rumor has spread that if they travel with children they will get permission to stay in the American Union. Therefore everyone tries to bring at least one.

EMMA PORTILLO, IMMIGRANT: He said which one of the three I would give him and I told him to take the eldest.

ULTRERAS: Emma´s husband left with the caravan of January15 and took the eldest of three children of the marriage. He soon crossed and was released by immigration. He has been working for a month and his family in Honduras is already seeing the results.

So in one month since he arrived he has sent money twice…

PORTILLO: Yes, I have received money twice…

ULTRERAS: So, everything worked out…

PORTILLO: Yes, thank God

ULTRERAS: The American Dream is now possible through children