Univision Cheap-Shots DeSantis Over Expired Rapid Covid Tests

MRC Latino | January 10, 2022
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PATRICIA JANIOT: And this avalanche of cases has caused thousands of people to form long lines for Covid tests. One of the states with the highest number of cases- of infections is Florida, where it was revealed that up to 1 million rapid tests were lost because they expired in a warehouse at the end of December.

GUILLERMO GONZÁLEZ: The controversy arose because Florida’s state government admitted that about 1 million rapid Covid tests expired, apparently due to lack of demand. At the same time, infections in the state are growing exponentially. Despite everything, some say they feel calmer now than before. 

GONZALEZ: The data on new infections do not include home tests that have been distributed for free in different places throughout the state. 

JANIOT: Incredible. 1 million tests that were lost…

GONZALEZ: A shame… incredible.

JANIOT:… because they expired. There are many… What does the governor say, Guillermo? 

GONZÁLEZ: Well, Governor DeSantis in a press conference today- the governor said that the tests were lost due to lack of demand during the months of September, October and November. He said that those tests might have been used had the Omicron variant been discovered at the time, but that never happened.

JANIOT: It didn't happen. Thank you for your report, Guillermo.

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