Univision Anchors Now Playing Dumb Over Immigration Reconciliation They’ve Been Pushing All Along

MRC Latino | August 10, 2021
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JORGE RAMOS: Good evening. We begin the newscast with hope. Since 1986, there hasn´t been a process by which to legalize millions of undocumented (migrants), Ilia. But now there's a plan in the Senate to legalize DREAMers, people with TPS, and essential workers through a budgetary process called "reconciliation."

RAMOS: This confuses a lot of people. For decades we talked about immigration reform and now suddenly we're talking about a process called reconciliation, and how many undocumented immigrants would it legalize? What is this?


UCEDA: Jorge, the reconciliation process is a way to pass legislation with a simple majority, that is, with 51 votes. Let's remember that here in the Senate there are 50 Republican votes and there are also 50 Democrats, and it would have, it would take the vote of Vice President Kamala Harris to get to those numbers, there's talk right now that it could benefit six million

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