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Univision Anchor: Trump, Fox News Rhetoric Becoming ‘Violence’ and ‘Bullets’


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The liberal media’s narrative that President Trump was somehow responsible for the mass shooting in El Paso last weekend has apparently expanded to also include Fox News. According to Univision anchor Enrique Acevedo, during an appearance on CNN’s so-called “Reliable Sources”, Trump and Fox News host Tucker Carlson were responsible for rhetoric “transcending into violence, into bullets”, and into lives lost.

At the top of the program, CNN left-wing, fill-in host John Avlon led a segment designed to accuse Fox News of approving and trafficking in ideas favored by the white supremacists via Carlson.

Avlon turned to Acevedo, who had made numerous appearances on Tucker Carlson Tonight, and praised his guest for “reach out beyond the base” and wanted to know if he planned to continue to appear on Fox News. “But is this time different, describing white nationalism, white supremacy as a hoax, does it change your calculus about going on air?”

Acevedo’s first response was to glorify himself for going on Fox News at all. “[T]he intention was to expose that audience to a different point of view, one they will probably never hear anywhere where they get their information, get their news,” he proclaimed.


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