Univision Anchor Compares Constitutional Adherence on 2A to Radical Islam

MRC Latino | May 29, 2022
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LUIS CARLOS VELEZ: Radical Muslims, for example. Radical Muslims, for example, follow the Quran to the T. The Quran to the T, right? And the Quran says, for example, that women should be completely dressed in black, that women should be covered and this has somewhat of a historical explanation due to the war, due to the way they move around as nomads. I make this introduction on order to ask you: Dude- you can't follow the Quran to the T. We've seen- we've realized that this is extremism. Following to the T and adhering to the Second Amendment- is there any explanation for that goven the facts we see today? Franklin?

FRANKLIN CAMARGO: Yes. The Send Amendment exists in order to protect citizens from the government so that in the event that a totalitarian government should attempt to use force and violate your individual rights, you are able to defend yourself. But it also allows honest citizens to defend themselves from criminals who simply do not follow the law. And there's evidence of this. It is estimated that in 2021, last year, guns were used 1.6 million times in self-defense.