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Univision Alone Reports Pope's Rejection of Gays in Priesthood


DANIEL ALVAREZ, THEOLOGIAN, FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY: I believe that the Pope has taken a position, assumed a much harder position regarding homosexuals, and his words look to me, they look a lot like the words of Benedict 16 when he spoke about homosexuals in priesthood as a disorder, like a psychological disorder or a spiritual disorder.

VILMA TARAZONA, CORRESPONDENT, UNIVISION: The Spanish missionary who included the interview in this book he just published says that Pope Francis is worried about existing homosexuals in the clergy and seminaries and he asks those responsible for recruiting candidates for priesthood to keep their eyes open to prevent their entry.

ALVAREZ: In other words, what I´m hearing from this pope is that we are going to stop, if we can´t do anything about the homosexual priests that are already ordained and that are already serving the Church, but we are going to prevent that in the future homosexual seminarians make it to priestly ministry.

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