Unhinged Whoopi Claims Gov. DeSantis Used Body Double in Presidential Campaign Ad

Nicholas Fondacaro | May 24, 2023
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ABC’s Whoopi Goldberg has used her platform on The View to push some pretty wild conspiracy theories. Well, on Wednesday she popped off with a particularly loopy one, accusing Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of using a body double in a campaign teaser video his wife Casey DeSantis put out on Tuesday. She also accused him of being a racist, asking, “Why do you dislike people of color?” and flaunted her ignorance of representative government.

The campaign teaser video showed Governor DeSantis backstage at an event, getting ready to walk out with a voiceover asking if a “brighter future” for America was “worth the fight? Do I have the courage? Is it worth the sacrifice?” It concludes with the voice proclaiming: “America has been worth it every single time.”

That message drew laughs from co-host Joy Behar and a combination of boos and groans from their liberal audience. “That could have been anybody,” Goldberg, who has admitted to having bad eyesight, proclaimed. “That could have been me in a Ron DeSantis wig!”

It certainly wasn’t her. It was clearly DeSantis.


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