UNHINGED CNN: GOP 'Dumping Anthrax' In Our Water, Fox News Is 'Killing People!'

Nicholas Fondacaro | October 10, 2021
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***You can find the complete post on NewsBusters***

CNN host Brian Stelter was giggling like a schoolgirl who said hi to her crush during Sunday’s so-called “Reliable Sources” as he and his cavalcade of unhinged lefty media types declared war on “normalizing” their opponents. Together they went after the Republican Party and Fox News by slinging all forms of lies and innuendo in order to stoke a dangerous hatred against them.

This first act in Stelter’s hate-fest was James Fallows from far-left rag The Atlantic. According to Fallows, the way the GOP were conducting themselves in the debt ceiling debate could easily be equated to an extremist group threatening to “dump anthrax in the water supply unless you do X, Y, or Z.”

If his intent wasn’t clear enough, he doubled back on the notion a little bit later in the segment:

And just one brief point here, Congress in disarray, but Congress is made to be in disarray by one group of Congresspeople. It’s by – The Republicans are saying we're going to use the threat of a filibuster with our minority to hold up this crucial thing for the world's economy. So, it's in disarray but caused disarray, rather than just some a naturally occurring phenomenon.

But the intendancy of the media is present all of these things in the ways we're familiar with as a standoff, as a negotiation, a chess game, who’s going to blink, who is canny, et cetera, et cetera,” he whined.


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