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Unhinged Behar Hijacks Segment to Rant About ‘Thug’ Trump: Shame! Shame!


[See NewsBusters for more.] Is there no conversation Joy Behar won’t hijack to turn it into a rant about Donald Trump? The liberal View co-host on Thursday co-opted  a conversation with actor Tyler Perry from Black History Month to ranting about the “thug” Trump. She started shouting, “It’s Shameful! It’s shameful.” With a picture in the background of Barack Obama and Perry in his L.A. home, the celebrity explained, “But we're standing there in front of those chairs. They were once owned by Abraham Lincoln.” He added, “So we both had an opportunity to sit in those chairs and have a conversation, a sitting president, a president in the past who freed the slaves, two African-American men sitting in the chairs having a conversation.” 

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