Under Pressure from NBC, WH Blames Trapped Americans for Afghan Crisis

Nicholas Fondacaro | August 22, 2021
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While Secretary of State Blinken was busy digging a hole on CBS by admitting the Biden administration was asking the Taliban for “permission” to evacuate our people on Sunday, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan pulled up in a rhetorical excavator on NBC’s Meet the Press and blamed those trapped Americans for the existence of the evacuation crisis because they didn’t leave sooner.

Shortly before shifting blame to the victims of President Biden’s inept and failing leadership, NBC political director Chuck Todd pressed Sullivan on why the administration had the military pullout BEFORE evacuating all American civilians and our allies. Sullivan responded by playing dumb:

TODD: Look, there's a lot of after-action reports that are going to come out. There's going to be a lot of this fallout. But it seems that the core mistake here, it appears, in your withdrawal plan was pulling the military out before the civilians and before our allies. Why did the military get withdrawn before the civilians? Does that -- In hindsight, that looks like just a catastrophic mistake.

SULLIVAN: Which civilians are you referring to, Chuck?

TODD: Our American diplomats, the Americans to get out, our Afghan allies, all the people we wanted to get out.


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