Uncivil: Liberal Media Encouraged TARGETING Justices at Their Homes

Nicholas Fondacaro | June 8, 2022
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For over a month, the liberal media have been cheering on the liberal extremists who doxed the home addresses of all the conservative Supreme Court justices and marched on their homes in an effort to intimidate them, after a leaked draft decision to overturn Roe v. Wade went public. This shared animus and calls to action have culminated into an attempted assassination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh Wednesday morning. So it’s worth a look back at some of those who were fine with tossing away civility.

Early last month, senior editor for Law & Policy Imani Gandy appeared on CNN Newsroom on the afternoon of May 3 and declared: “I hope there will be a national uprising, but I’m concerned that the stomach for that isn’t there.” That only got a “hmm” from host Victor Blackwell at the time.

A few days later (May 9), Laura Jarrett, the host CNN’s Early Start and the daughter to former Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett, was on CNN’s New Day where she and host John Avlon examined those who put Kavanaugh’s house in their sights.