Twisted Strategy: CNN Fantasizes How Virus Can Help Dems Win 2020

Nicholas Fondacaro | March 10, 2020
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The liberal media insist they and the Democratic Party were not politicizing the growing coronavirus outbreak, but in the midst of their Tuesday primary night coverage, CNN’s panel of liberals took some time to fantasize about how there will be, as former 2020 hopeful Andrew Yang put it, “a real hunger for” the competency of the Obama administration from “many, many Americans if the coronavirus crisis continues to grow.”

The twisted discussion was sparked by host Anderson Cooper as he spoke about how, “We've also never seen a situation like this, certainly in modern times, in terms of a potential pandemic influencing the next couple of months in a way that's kind of hard to even imagine.”

Though Cooper said he hoped things wouldn’t develop into an extremely dire situation around the country, that didn’t stop him from discussing how the Democratic candidates would tackle it. To the amusement of the panel.


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