Tucker Makes Case Dems Are Complicit in Targeted Shootings of Cops

Nicholas Fondacaro | September 15, 2020
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Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson was in a prickly mood during his opening monologue, Monday. But who could blame him? As he led into the hour, Fox Los Angeles reporter Bill Melugin with KTTV gave an update on the ambush shooting of two L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies over the weekend. In response, Carlson used his opening to lay out the case as to how the Democratic Party was complicit with the shooting and other targeted attempts on the lives of police officers across the country.

“He tried to kill them because they were cops. Can we really be surprised that he tried to do that,” he rhetorically asked his audience. “Since the beginning of summer, the Democratic Party has told us that the police are evil, that they’re killers, agents of racist genocide. Cops are the problem. Democrats have told us that every day for three and half months. They put it in their party platform. Finally, at least one man believed them.”

Carlson also placed obvious blame on the creators of the last few months of chaos and violence: the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement. He pointed to how Black Lives Matter extremists gathered outside the hospital treating the deputies and cheered for them to die. “This is the same BLM, the very same that the Democrats Party promoted at its convention over the summer,” he said.

Further tying the Democratic Party to Black Lives Matter extremists, Carlson exposed how L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti leaned on the leader of the group that lead the crowd at the hospital.