Tucker Calls Out Climate Czar John Kerry for Private Jets Use

Nicholas Fondacaro | February 3, 2021
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While the liberal broadcast networks were busy gushing over all of President Biden’s nominees and appointments and accepting them without any critical vetting, Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson took a rhetorical sledgehammer to climate czar John Kerry Wednesday night, and his hypocritical use of a private jet to fly off to climate conferences.

“The climate czar fights climate change. And if facts or common sense get in the way of that, the climate czar will fight those, too. It’s the perfect role for John Kerry,” Carlson quipped. “John Kerry has devoted his entire life taking on the global warming by contributing as much to global warming as he possibly can.”

From there Carlson detailed how Kerry had spent over 20 hours in 2020 cruising around in his private jet “emitting in the process more than 100 metric tons of carbon emissions.” And after noting how that was way more carbon than any average American would produce in their lifetime, he called out Kerry for being “the kind of leader who leads by negative examples.”


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