Trump Camp Official Confronts CNN on Rights of Rally Attendees

Nicholas Fondacaro | September 16, 2020
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Over the last few months, the liberal media have looked the other way as crowds who share their political bent packed the streets in cities across the country and undoubtedly spread the coronavirus. But at the same time, they’ve decried every time President Trump’s supporters gathered at his rallies and other political events. But during a Wednesday appearance on CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront, Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh confronted the network over its hypocrisy.

Partway through their interview, host Erin Burnett acted as the personal messenger of Minnesota’s Democratic governor, Tim Walz, and pressed Murtaugh on whether or not Trump’s upcoming rally on Friday would “comply” with his orders:

He said, he had a message for you. He said -- with the President, “Wear a mask. I would tell the President to wear a mask, have your supporters to wear a mask.” That is the regulation in his state, of course. Gathering not to exceed 250 people. Masks. Six feet. Social distancing. Are you going to comply with those regulations?

“At every one of the President’s events, we conduct a temperature check for everyone who goes in,” Murtaugh shot back. “We hand out masks, encourage people to wear them, and we have hand sanitizer, more than any group of people could ever possibly use.”


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