Trump 2020 Senior Advisor Mercy Schlapp WRECKS Jorge Ramos

MRC Latino | November 2, 2020
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JORGE RAMOS: I wanted to- I understand the issue of the pandemic and I wanted to ask you about another issue as well. I wanted to ask you about President Donald Trump's personality. Donald Trump has in the past said that he could grab women by the genitals just because he was a star, he called Kamala Harris a “monster”. Why would a Hispanic woman vote for someone who has been accused of being a racist and a sexist?

MERCY SCHLAPP: Well, I've worked closely with the President for two years. He's a man who listens to us, the women who work with him in the White House. He's always been respectful towards us. We have been leaders in this administration and we know that at the end of the day this President has been focused on promoting women, and on helping them seek opportunities here in the United States. We have seen that women, for example, the unemployment figure for women, has been at a very low level and President Trump's policies have benefited women.

RAMOS: But calling Kamala Harris a monster, isn't that a totally sexist remark?

SCHLAPP: Well...oh please, Jorge!

RAMOS: Isn't it?

SCHLAPP: What we know is...when it comes to politics, Kamala Harris has said terrible things about President Trump, and we've seen that....

RAMOS: She said he's a racist.

SCHLAPP: ...she’s called the president names. And we're not going to accept that because at the end of the day what Democrats are always doing is not just criticizing the President, but also criticizing those who support the president. And at the end of the day, Latinos have said, ´NO MORE´. We are seeing more and more Latinos, and more and more African-Americans supporting this president, because this president is fighting for Latino families and workers. We have seen that there are...for example, when it comes to the economy…

RAMOS (INTERRUPTS): This president called Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists…

SCHLAPP: ...we’ve seen more...this isn’t an interview. Look, Jorge. If you want to talk about politics, that’s OK. But if you're going to accuse me or accuse those who are supporting the president that we're racist or that, or something negative, please. Let’s have a mature interview.

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