The True Story of Thanksgiving ~ Rush Limbaugh

papagiorgio200 | October 3, 2013
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Then there is the myth that the Pilgrims first landed on Plymouth Rock. That too is false. They actually landed on what is now known as Provincetown on the tip of Cape Cod. They were headed to Plymouth Rock, but were short on food and landed there in order to stock up with food. In fact there was no mention of a rock in Plymouth at all. That story began decades later.

The Pilgrims also are responsible for another first. They were the first and last (until Obama) experimenters of socialism. As the Governor William Bradford wrote in his log, all food was placed in a common storehouse and divided up equally. This would make everyone equal. But in truth, people are not equal. Some have more brains, some more talent, and some more ambition. In their first year, half of the Pilgrims died, including Bradford’s wife. He then realized the experiment was deeply flawed because some were lazy, knowing they did not need to work to share in the harvest. The productive and talented slacked off, knowing they would gain nothing by working harder and producing more.

However, it did produce equality. Everyone starved, regardless of position and social standing. Bradford knew that if he didn’t change the rules, the colony was doomed and all would die. He voided part of their contract with the merchants in London, who had financed their colony, distributed a set amount of land to every colonist, who would be allowed to see the profit of their labors. It was a huge success. The lazy worked to keep from starving and the ambitious made the most of what they had and produced so much food that they were actually able to sell their abundance to the Indians and to England. We cannot, no, we must not fall for the line that all should share the wealth. As Reagan once noted, a rising tide lifts all boats. Conservative pricipals have always benefitted the majority, whereas collectivism has always produced negative results.

To prove my point, I direct you to the GINI Index, which measures the gap between the rich and the poor. According to Obama and progressives, their policies create equality. But does it really? Under Ronald Reagan, trhe gap shrank by 7%. And under Bush, it shrank by 7%. Under Bill Clinton, the gap actually increased by 6.7%. And in Obama’s first two years the gap grew by 5.6% or what would amount to 22%, should, Heaven forbid, he serve two full terms.

Capitalism/free markets not socialism!

(See: "We've tried socialism and it didn't Work")