TOTAL MELTDOWN: Don Lemon Screams About ‘White Supremacy’

Donovan Newkirk | March 11, 2021
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During Wednesday’s CNN Tonight, host Don Lemon had an unhinged meltdown over Republican opposition to the Biden administration’s COVID-relief bill. The fearmongering, left-wing host was also apoplectic at the idea that some black Americans don’t view white supremacy as a pervasive and existential threat. At one point during the broadcast, Lemon appeared to become so indignant that producers had to intervene via his earpiece and tell him to refrain from yelling.

Unlike his colleague and peer Chris “Fredo” Cuomo, who had a propensity to scream at the camera and at ordinary people in public, Lemon usually propagates the left’s progressive agenda in a soft-spoken and generally condescending manner. But on Wednesday, however, viewers got to witness a much different side of the primetime, race-baiting demagogue.

Lemon’s outrage reached its apotheosis when he mocked Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) for going on Fox News Channel and unequivocally renouncing and dismissing the notion that white supremacy was the biggest threat to America. The raging CNN host played an out of context, selectively edited, one-liner from Scott’s appearance in which he said: “Woke supremacy is as bad as white supremacy.”

By “woke supremacy,” Scott was, of course, referring to the left’s recent cancellation or alteration of certain brands or products for failing to adhere to their standards of political correctness.

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