Top Editor of NY Times Decries Trump’s ‘Harmful Effect on the Country,’ He’s ‘Out of Control

Brent Baker | April 9, 2018
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New York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet ridiculed President Trump, claiming Trump “missed the part of high school civics where the First Amendment was explained.” Decrying Trump’s criticisms of the media, Baquet rued: “If he creates a culture where Fox and Friends and Jesse Watters are regarded as serious journalism, and the New York Times and the Washington Post are not, he will have done longstanding, harmful effect on the country.”

Stelter asked if Trump’s attacks on the media are “out of control?” Baquet agreed with the characterization.

Baquet’s comments came during a live segment with Brian Stelter on the Sunday, April 8 edition of CNN’s Reliable Sources.

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