Tool de Force: CNN’s Harwood Defends Biden, Insists Inflation Pain Is a GOP ‘Charade’

Curtis Houck | May 23, 2022
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Check out the link to the full post here from NewsBusters!

CNN White House correspondent and perpetual liberal media hack John Harwood doubled down Monday following a series of tweets of a piece in which he insisted Americans have fallen victim to “a charade” (mostly by Republicans) consisting of fears about inflation and economic pain. After having been dragged on Twitter, he went on Early Start to spoon-feed this idiocy to CNN’s tiny audience.

Co-hosts Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett were more than eager to promote his piece, “Why Washington can't have an honest debate about inflation” as the latter boasted that Harwood argued “it's largely a charade, but sometimes charades work” based on CNN’s new poll showing “77 percent of the people think the economy is doing poorly.”