Tom Friedman Freaks Over Trump’s ‘Pearl Harbor,’ ‘9/11-Scale’ ‘Lies’


<p>[See <a href="…; for more.] <em>New York Times</em> columnist Thomas Friedman can&rsquo;t stop comparing Donald Trump to the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. Now he&rsquo;s adding Pearl Harbor as another hyperbolic comparison. Appearing on <em>Morning Joe</em>, Tuesday, Friedman ranted about Mike Flynn&rsquo;s resignation as National Security Adviser. This led him to assail, &ldquo;We have never taken seriously from the very beginning that Russia hacked our election. That was a 9/11-scale event. They attacked the core of our democracy.&rdquo; Friedman continued, &ldquo;That was a Pearl Harbor-scale event.&rdquo;</p>

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