Todd Warns Critics Not to Bash Genocidal China as 'Rivalry Heats Up'

Nicholas Fondacaro | March 21, 2021
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NBC political director Chuck Todd ended Sunday’s Meet the Press with the demand that people, particularly “elected officials” not criticize or bash the genocidal country of China as their “rivalry” with the United States “heats up.” Of course, this came as the network smeared a Georgia Sheriff with false claims of racism after the shootings at Asian spas in the Atlanta area by an apparent sex addict.

As the show was coming to a close, Todd led his panel in a discussion about the spike in hate crimes directed at Asian-Americans around the country during the coronavirus pandemic. And his demands against the warranted criticism of China were the capstone:

Well look, unfortunately, I'm out of time there. And all these elected officials, when they talk about China, the country as a rival and an adversary to this country, be careful of your words. That matters, too. I know there's a lot of fear that as the rivalry heats up with China, that these hateful incidents will also increase here.


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