Todd Laments Dems Not Playing Hardball with GOP

Alex Christy | December 16, 2021
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[See NewsBusters for more.] MTP Daily host Chuck Todd lamented on Thursday that President Biden's legislative agenda appears to be falling apart. In response to that, he plotted strategy with Democratic pollster Cornell Belcher and further lamented that, unlike Mitch McConnell, Democrats don't know how to play hardball.

After MSNBC contributor and liberal activist Maria Teresa hoped for changes to the filibuster when it comes to "voting rights", Todd accepted Democrats' framing about that topic and asked Belcher, "So Cornell, I want to take, because I've heard this same thing that Maria Teresa’s heard. And I’m thinking, okay, and look, this is a classic hindsight question. It looks obvious now, but at this point should voting rights have been how President Biden spent his summer and fall and not Build Back Better?"

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