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Todd Grills Schumer for Dems Confirming Bush Judge 11 Years Ago


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Recently, U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor of Texas struck down the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a ObamaCare) on the grounds that since the law’s “tax” was currently at zero it was now unconstitutional. Fresh from whining about it on Sunday Today, moderator Chuck Todd grilled Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer during Meet the Press because he and other Democrats confirmed the Judge after President George W. Bush nominated him back in 2007.

Todd became indignant when he pounced on Schumer with a quote from his former staffer Brian Fallon, who was having a conniption on Twitter because of the ruling:

Let me ask you this about the courts, by the way, Brian Fallon, somebody who used to work for you by the way. He tweeted the following, he said, “The judge who ruled in favor of gutting ObamaCare was confirmed by voice vote. Remember that the next time Democrats cut a deal with McConnell on judges and defend it by saying ‘they were all non-controversial nominees.’”

This judge, by the way, confirmed in 2007 when Democrats were in control of the United States Senate. Do you regret the way you guys voice voted this judge,” Todd chided.


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