Todd Blames a ‘Lurking’ Trump for Biden’s Low Approval

Brent Baker | December 13, 2021
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NBC’s Chuck Todd on Sunday blamed President Biden’s plummeting approval numbers as something beyond his control and really the fault of former President Donald Trump. “It seems as if there’s nothing the White House can do to improve their political standing,” Todd rued on Meet the Press, citing how Biden’s “two big promises were to get COVID behind us and to get rid of Donald Trump,” yet “COVID’s not behind us and Donald Trump’s still lurking. It’s not his fault.” 

Guest panelist Kimberly Atkins Stohr then blamed Biden for not being enough of a liberal activist. “The Democrats have failed to pass any measure to protect and bolster up our election system. So, that has people uneasy,” Stohr maintained. The former correspondent for NPR’s station in Boston, WBUR, who is now a Boston Globe opinion writer, asked and answered: “Is it all Joe Biden’s fault? Of course not. Most of it isn’t. You have Republicans who are lock solid against him and won’t vote for anything.” 

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