Todd Baits Brennan Into Claiming US is 'No Longer a Democracy'

Ryan Foley | October 7, 2019
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Shortly after wrapping up a combative interview with Republican Senator Ron Johnson, Meet the Press host Chuck Todd rapidly transformed into a lapdog when interviewing former CIA Director John Brennan; who has become an MSNBC talking head and a face of the anti-Trump #Resistance.  Taking a veiled swipe at Fox News, Todd complained that "we have two sets of realities that live here. There is a 40 percent of the country that is only getting fed one...reality; arguably, 60 percent are getting what I would argue is reality." Todd's definition of reality obviously correlates with the left-wing talking points endlessly parroted by the media. Todd also set up Brennan to compare America to an autocratic government, asking "how would the CIA assess the stability of the American government right now, if it were assessing America as if it was another country?" Brennan responded by saying "we would look it as a very corrupt government." Todd asked Brennan "what would you say about the stability of the democracy?" At this point, Brennan gave the answer Todd was likely looking for: "I think it's no longer, you know, a democracy if an autocrat...has it in his hands and people like Johnson and others are putty in his hands; which means that the democratic principles upon which this country are founded...are eroding right now." 

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