Tin-Foil Hat Joy Wonders If Trump Sees Putin as Father Figure, Cares More About Russia Than America


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Longtime MSNBC host Joy Reid came out for Wednesday’s ReidOut with more of same from key tenets of her second attempt at a weekday show: conspiracy theories, deranged lunacy, and a fundamental unhappiness with American life. Specifically, she used the Russian bounties story to claim Trump’s still “grotesquely solicitous of [Vladimir] Putin,” could possess more loyalty toward Russian than America, and might even view Putin as a father figure.

“Well, today was one of those days, just packed with absolute insanity, including two major stories that speak to the complete abdication of leadership in both the White House and the Republican Party,” Reid stated right off the top, linking the bounties story to Trump’s “dereliction of duty” and the second (Congressman Louie Gohmert’s positive coronavirus test) to Trump’s “failed leadership.”

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