'They Know Trump Is Guilty': Kimmel Alleges Outrage At Verdict Is Fake

Alex Christy | June 1, 2024
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During a rare Friday edition of his ABC show, legal non-expert Jimmy Kimmel asserted that Republicans who claim to be outraged at the conviction of former President Donald Trump are lying.

For Kimmel, Republicans are simply scared of Trump, “And then we have our leaders in the GOP who could not care less about Americans and how important it is that we have faith in our legal system. They know Trump is guilty. They don't even like Donald Trump, but they're so scared of him. Ted Cruz was on our show back in, I think it was, 2016. He told me, and this is a quote, he said this on television, he said, ‘If I were in my car and getting ready to reverse and saw Donald in the backup camera, I'm not confident which pedal I'd push.’" 

Teeing up a montage of various Republicans denouncing the outcome, Kimmel continued, “Okay? But that primal urge to run Trump over didn't stop Sweaty Teddy and all the other pathetic sycophants jockeying for lip space on his big, pimply ass from pretending to be outraged by this outrageous attack on their beloved Baron Von Shitzenpants.”

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