Tapper to Trump Adviser/Huckabee Daughter: ‘Aren’t You Just Ashamed’ of Cruz Smears?


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<p>Following former Cruz adviser Amanda Carpenter&rsquo;s emotion interview Tuesday afternoon denying smears being perpetuated about her being involved with her former boss,<em> The Lead</em> host Jake Tapper grew visibly frustrated as Trump senior adviser and Mike Huckabee&rsquo;s daughter Sarah Huckabee Sanders repeatedly denied the Trump campaign&rsquo;s role in it all to the point that Tapper asked if she&rsquo;s<strong> &ldquo;ashamed&rdquo; </strong>of what&rsquo;s happened.</p>

<p>Tapper began the seven-minute-long interview by mentioning Carpenter&rsquo;s interview in the segment beforehand and how Trump&rsquo;s social media director Dan Scavino tweeted a video supporting <em>The National Enquirer</em> piece even though<strong> &ldquo;she says there is no truth to it all&rdquo; </strong>and has <strong>&ldquo;always been faithful to her husband.&rdquo;&nbsp;</strong></p>

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