Tapper Runs Interference for Waters, Dems

Alex Christy | February 10, 2021
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[See NewsBusters for more.] During CNN's impeachment pre-game show on Wednesday, Dana Bash reported that former President Trump's lawyers are rushing to create videos showing Democrats using the same kind of rhetoric that House managers argue Trump should be convicted for. According to Jake Tapper, that would be an unfair criticism, because no violence came from them.

Tapper focused on California Rep. Maxine Waters' 2018 call for people to publicly harass Trump officials, arguing, "on the point “oh well, Democrats have called for violence before and Democrats have used the word ‘fight’ in speeches before,” I think it's fair to say that Congresswoman Maxine Waters is somebody who a few years ago during child separation, she said something very fiery about get in the face of Trump Administration officials and push back which is not the same thing as go and fight at the Capitol."

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